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The Ukulele Hall of Fame Reference Desk is the area of the website where we make available historical materials related to the ukulele. Items to be made available include photographs of vintage ukuleles, ukulele method books, and ukulele players and groups.

We are currently in the process of completely restructuring our Reference Desk. We have added a couple of photo galleries, with much more to come soon.

[Method Book Images]

[Sheet Music Images]

[Ukulele Images]

On any of the gallery pages click on a thumbnail picture to open an image gallery view. When in the gallery view you can move to the next or previous photo a number of ways. You can use the left and right arrow keys or the N (next) and P (previous) keys on your keyboard, or simply click on the Next or Previous links that appear when you hover your mouse on the left or right side of the image. To exit the gallery, click the Close link at the bottom, or simply click anywhere outside of the image window.

Please check soon back for more additions.

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